Angela Glenn
Co-Founder and
Chief Creative Officer

The things you experience affect your world view. Fortunately for me, even the tough lessons have been positive.

Angela Glenn was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, amidst three generations of mechanical engineers — and a mother who aspired to be a ballet dancer. "In my family, problem-solving involved logic and practicality; cutting through the clutter to find the truth. Sometimes it meant literally creating a tool to fix something if the right one couldn't be found. We were always making things, taking things apart. And, more often than not, putting them back together resulted in leftover parts."

This relentless drive for self-sufficiency drove Glenn to join the working world at an early age. At 15 she became a personal health care worker for a quadriplegic woman with polio. "She couldn't go to the bathroom until I showed up. It was an incredible amount of responsibility."

While still a teen, Glenn became a personal assistant to a Los Angeles attorney specializing in mergers and acquisitions. It was there she learned the ins and outs of corporate correspondence, proper research and documentation, and the importance of a well-organized filing system. "I copied and cross-filed every piece of paper that entered and left the office in seven different categories. Even the smallest mistake was magnified exponentially."

Glenn attended California State University, Long Beach, where she studied graphic design, photography and marketing. She played volleyball and led the fencing team as captain in 1988. She graduated with a BFA from CSULB's prestigious Visual Communication Design program and later returned as an instructor and mentor, where she has been shaping future design leaders for the past 13 years.

Glenn began her design career working at some of the top design firms in Los Angeles. As an alumnus of The Mednick Group, B.D. Fox and Friends, and Omnicom's The Designory, she motivated sales for corporate giants American Isuzu and Pioneer Electronics and entertainment powerhouses HBO, Miramax and 20th Century Fox. She earned a reputation for tackling complex projects under challenging circumstances and delivering consistent, high-quality work. "I've been called a perfectionist and a workaholic. But that's fine. I think there needs to be a voice of reason. People come to me when they want something done right."

Glenn brings 20 years of industry experience into The Gasp Company, which she formed with famed advertising veteran Harry Webber in 2006. Gasp specializes in both corporate and entertainment integrated marketing solutions, including print collateral, web design and interactive media.

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