Why Gasp?

There is an art associated with the way elements of information are arranged before any given audience. There is also a science associated with that very same process. An art. A science. How much of one and how little of the other is the determining point of what makes a person experience the combination of shock and awe, formally referred to as a gasp.

In every single case, that formula changes. With every single audience, that reaction requires a different catalyst. There are tens of thousands, if not millions of recipes for triggering human response. Visual recipes. Verbal recipes. Aural recipes. Olfactory recipes. And the absence of any specific one of them. Expertise in applying these recipes, formulas, combinations and catalysts is the determining factor in the success or failure of any design application. Collectively such expertise is often referred to as vision.


How can visionary leadership be determined? It is by definition elusive in nature. One way of determining visionary leadership is by examining the outcome of such leadership. Has the company of that visionary leader distinguished itself in the marketplace? Have the products of that visionary company inspired love and adoration among the company's audiences and stakeholders? Do the people of that company share the same visionary perspective from board room to mail room? It is this consistency of purpose that defines the presence of vision in leadership, organization or work product.

Since 2006, The Gasp Company has provided visionary leadership to their clients in the areas of branding and visual communications. The determination of what business a company is engaged in requires the application of that vision to everything from signage to packaging to the very business model itself.


In the development of a full-blown advertising campaign across all forms of media, or just a single web page that is a company's window to the world, the process remains the same. What will it take to make a first impression that will last and last, year after year? These are the challenges that Gasp faces every single day, whether the client is an internationally known superstar like Enrique Iglesias, or an unknown storage solutions provider like Western Pacific.

Today's highly competitive global economy demands the application of visionary leadership and strategic innovation at every turn. There are tens of thousands – if not millions – of recipes for triggering human response.