The Only Thing That Matters is New. Clio Hall of Fame advertising veteran Harry Webber has spent the majority of his career creating and pursuing the "new" to which his mentor, advertising legend Helmut Krone, was referring. Webber, whose campaign "I'm Stuck On Band-Aid Brand" has the distinction of being the longest running advertising campaign in history, created in 2005 as a sounding board for his iconoclastic editorial commentary and war stories as one of the original "mad men." Within its pages have been the stories that The New York Times credited with starting the trend of user-generated content.

Shortly before Twitter and Facebook facilitated the sharing of content, was advertising's weekly water cooler topic for members of Fortune 500 companies around the world.


When an increase in traffic finally made weekly updates unmanageable, Gasp was charged with updating the site from the inside out. A searchable archive had to address the hundreds of articles that had been amassed and facilitate new postings with reader comments. The proposed new site also features editorials and guest posts from contemporary thought leaders.

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Harry Webber, Angela Glenn, creative direction
Harry Webber, copywriting
Angela Glenn, design
Michelle Brady, James Huang, production
Nadine Tull, project management
David Owen, proofreading