RADD and Toyota USA
DWT is Nuts L.A. Auto Show Exhibit

For the past four years, more people have been killed by distracted driving than by drunk driving. Gasp was honored to have been selected to develop the first anti-texting-while-driving campaign, to be launched by a major automotive manufacturer. The campaign was done in partnership with Recording Artists Against Drunk Driving (RADD). The program's co-sponsors included state agencies like the OTS, CHP, ABC, Caltrans and the DMV, and local civic organizations.

Gasp's strategy was to convince young drivers that an automobile can travel the length of a football field during the several seconds their attention is distracted by sending or receiving a text message.


Gasp appealed to the texting audience with the message "DWT is Nuts," applying it to freestanding graphic panels and a 10-ft. vinyl banner for the rapidly approaching L.A. Auto Show. Toyota USA donated a Scion for the exhibit and secured the booth. Ads were developed, flyers were created to be handed out at the show, and a feature was added to the RADD website to promote the event. Press releases were developed and distributed, resulting in feature stories in 221 publications nationally.

Toyota USA developed a "road show" presentation of the campaign to be distributed to high school driving courses across the country.


The presence of the "DWT Is Nuts" campaign at the L.A. Auto Show generated positive feedback from many show attendees, who unanimously agreed that driving while texting was a major problem that needed to be addressed nationally.


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www.thegaspcompany.com/raddindtla, website


Erin Meluso (RADD), client
Karen Polan (Toyota), corporate sponsor
Harry Webber, copywriting
Angela Glenn, art direction
Angela Glenn, Michelle Brady, design
Ivan Song, Michelle Brady, web development
Angela Glenn, illustration
Heidi Chan (StarLink), print/fabrication services