Thomas Whoo?

The name of the game is fame when you are a European performing artist trying to introduce yourself to an American audience. Name recognition is everything. Thomas Eje (pronounced "AY-hay") was a superstar entertainer in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and other European markets. But in America, not only was he unheard of, his last name was unreadable.

A truly unique entertainer, Eje plays fourteen instruments to virtuoso levels, does wonderful impressions of Tom Jones, Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder and Tina Turner (in heels), performs magic and stand-up comedy, and sings and soft-shoe's with the best of old Hollywood.

The challenge for Gasp was to convince the Las Vegas entertainment audience that this unknown impressionist would be both funny and memorable by inspiring their curiosity. Eje required more than marketing. He required complete rebranding. In order to appeal to American audiences, Eje would need to intensify his "fun" factor on sight.


Gasp created "Thomas Whoo?," an alter-ego that would instantly brand Eje with a memorable persona perfectly suited for the Las Vegas entertainment audience. Gasp developed a stylish makeover and produced a photo shoot for Eje, then re-cut video footage of his European performances that was more in keeping with Eje's new image.


The Thomas Whoo? identity was a nod to beloved American icon Dr. Seuss that allowed him to perform in Las Vegas for four years before returning to Europe as an American success.


Thomas Eje, client
Harry Webber, Angela Glenn, creative direction
Harry Webber, copywriting
Angela Glenn, Lily Piyathaisere, design