Creativity At Work Book and Training Program

We wrote the book on organizational creativity. IBM surveyed CEOs across the globe and determined that creativity is now the most important business skill required of their managers. Madison-Avenue veteran Harry Webber breaks down the FourAlpha principles of organizational creativity in Creativity At Work, the essential book for corporate decision-makers. Creativity At Work also offers supplemental on-site corporate training programs to their teams.


Gasp was instrumental in bringing this book to fruition. As a partner in the development of the premise of the book and in bringing organizational creativity into the classroom, Gasp provided editorial, design and curriculum development expertise to the creation of the book, website, training programs and the FourAlpha methodology.


This much-anticipated follow-up to Webber's book on market segmentation, Divide and Conquer, is being met with overwhelmingly positive reviews from members of both the business and creative communities. "If you've ever been frustrated that your company is (a) not moving fast enough; (b) stuck in a rut; (c) losing its relevance; or (d) boring you... read this book." – Marty Cook, CEO, Cooke & Co.

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Harry Webber (Smart Communications, Inc.), client
Harry Webber (Smart Communications, Inc.), creative direction
Harry Webber (Smart Communications, Inc.), Angela Glenn, curriculum development
Harry Webber (Smart Communications, Inc.), copywriting
Angela Glenn, design
Angela Glenn, Eliza Lewin, copy editing
Ivan Song, web development