Western Pacific Storage Solutions
FIT Employee Incentive Program

Western Pacific challenges their employees to get FIT after getting LEAN. Western Pacific called on Gasp to address a problem facing managers across the nation: how to revitalize their workforce when the continuous improvement of LEAN manufacturing hits a plateau.

Gasp created a follow-up program to LEAN manufacturing and named it FIT — Forward Inspired Thinking. The program was a component of the new company positioning as a solutions- rather than product-oriented company. Gasp developed "Serving the Smartest Links in the Supply Chain," which acknowledged members of the workforce as problem solvers within the supply chain. This internal-facing program was designed to inspire workers to keep improving their work product day after day.


Gasp created a campaign for FIT highlighting key inspirational directives: improve, change, build, think and inspire. Western Pacific employees were featured in 20-ft. tall banners designed to hang above the work areas at the factory. Tattoo-style artwork was created for each of the employees to wear in the photographs, with each employee displaying a different message. A slide presentation was created to roll out the program within the company, again featuring the employee as hero.


Employee participation in the FIT program was so strong that company managers expanded the incentives to include actual fitness classes, further reinforcing goal-setting, comeraderie and increased morale.


Tom Rogers, Jim Mierke (Western Pacific Storage Solutions), client
Harry Webber, Angela Glenn, art direction
Harry Webber, copywriting
Harry Webber, Angela Glenn, illustration
Angela Glenn, design
Steve Osman, photography