Obama SuperPac: 2012 Re-Election Campaign

Can't Stop. Won't Stop. 2012 was the first national election where social media competed with television for eyeballs. As campaign messaging began appearing in many forms on various platforms, Smart Communications jumped head-first into the mix to create the Obama SuperPac, a "Presidential Advertising Committee" focused on creating compelling advertising in support of President Obama's re-election. Gasp was brought in to create a distinctive "aternative" look and feel to the "official" campaign effort.

Private funding allowed the team to create a series of hard-hitting campaign messages without fear of censorship. "Can't Stop. Won't Stop." was the tagline created to continue the momentum from the first-term win. Social media efforts encouraged voters to submit their own ideas for production consideration.


Gasp created an identity system with iconic blue and red colors different enough from the official election campaign materials so as not to be confused with presidentially-endorsed messages. The bold look and feel had a more grassroots appeal to the audience than the president's conservative campaign and unified the materials across several types of digital media. A website held the library of ads and organized them by campaign. The site's navigation directed people to view them on various social media sites to facilitate the maximum amount of sharing and comments.


With our help and the help of more than 3.8 million Facebook, Twitter and YouTube impressions, President Obama was re-elected and named Time Magazine's Person of the Year.


www.obamasuperpac.com, website
www.facebook.com/obamasuperpac, Facebook
www.twitter.com/obamasuperpac, Twitter
www.youtube.com/ospvideoworks, YouTube


Harry Webber (Smart Communications, Inc.), client
Harry Webber (Smart Communications, Inc.), creative direction
Harry Webber (Smart Communications, Inc.), James Glover, copywriting
Angela Glenn, design
Ivan Song, web development
Eliza Lewin, political analysis
Harry Webber (Smart Communications, Inc.), Judson Jean-Mary, video direction
Michael Yada (Yada/Levine), video editing/production
Renee Prejean-Motanky (RPM Marketing), marketing strategy
Sarah Hicks, social media
Eliza Lewin, Byron Wagner, voice-over
Reginald Brown, Tony Torres, talent