Enrique Iglesias: Citizen of the World

Iglesias Tours with 60 Million Fans. To promote his new album and world tour, superstar Enrique Iglesias needed a way to reach fans all over the world, moving beyond his saturation in Spanish-speaking countries. An immersive website was required, complete with all the social media bells and whistles, that would integrate with a companion mobile app. "Citizen of the World" would allow fans an all-access pass behind the scenes. In addition to Enrique's personal posts, insiders on the tour would also share their experiences, giving fans more perspective of life on the road with Enrique.


Gasp created a website that allowed the fan to be part of the experience, integrating personal live chats with Enrique, blog posts, chat rooms, contests, streaming media and digital downloads.


Feedback for the site was positive, with an additional request made of Gasp to develop trade advertising for additional corporate sponsorship.


Andreas Neumann (StarClub Ltd.), client
Harry Webber (Smart Communications, Inc.), creative direction
Harry Webber (Smart Communications, Inc.), copywriting
Angela Glenn, design