Damon Kronsberg's Real Estate Roller

You can't help but smile when you see this thing. Damon Kronsberg, 21st Century broker to the stars, wanted to make a splash in his multimillion dollar trading area of L.A.'s Westside, rather than just plastering his picture on billboards and bus benches. So Kronsberg purchased a vintage 1962 Jeep FJ-3 mail truck and turned it into a work of art. Sparing no expense, Kronsberg restored the truck to its original chrome-detailed luster and hired Gasp to design the graphics. The custom paint job was then hand applied by a local pinstriper.

The truck was so well-received that a new branding effort for Kronsberg was required to support it. A big-picture identity system was developed and applied to a set of marketing materials that allowed Kronsberg to target his audience by region.


Gasp created an identity system, brochures, social media and websites for targeted segments of Kronsberg's audience. A Facebook page was created to document all the Roller sightings and photographs of people with The Roller around the neighborhood.


The Real Estate Roller made an immediate impact in Kronsberg's trading area. Its presence at local car shows and charity events established Kronsberg as a minor celebrity within the community and sent his name recognition through the roof.


www.damonsells.com, website
www.brentwoodpark.com, website
www.facebook.com/realestateroller, Facebook
www.facebook.com/BrentwoodPark, Facebook


Damon Kronsberg, client
Angela Glenn, design
Angela Glenn, copywriting
Harry Webber (Smart Communications, Inc.), Angela Glenn, illustration
Kyle Scott (Castle Signs), custom paint