Biz Hunter

Gasp Elevates Biz Hunter to the Top of the Food Chain. allowed buyers and sellers of brick-and-mortar business entities to hunt for businesses and franchises; to meet, kick the tires, negotiate and come to terms electronically.

Amidst a sea of business search websites, Gasp created the name Biz Hunter and used the mnemonic device of the shark, a hunter that never rests. We positioned the user experience as "the hunt" and wrote the site from the hunter's perspective.


Gasp created a logo of a shark fin in motion pointed toward the coastline. The identity system utilized imagery of high-rise building windows at night lit from the inside, the symbol of 24-hour production in a major metropolitan city. A surrealistic nighttime scene of a shark illuminated by lights shimmering on the water was used on the website masthead and for promotional mailings.


The website was the most distinctive and functional in its category. The name and identity allowed the client to compete as a leader in this category as a relative unknown, right out of the gate.


Moe Essa, client
Harry Webber, Angela Glenn, creative direction
Harry Webber, Dawn Ferguson, copywriting
Harry Webber, Angela Glenn, James Huang, design
Michelle Brady, James Huang, production
Terra Whitmeyer (Vivid Dream Design), web development
Nadine Tull, account management
Dawn Ferguson, Teresa Chang, research