Recording Artists Against Drunk Driving
Designation Nation Rewards Program

Designated Drivers Get Rewarded. Recording Artists Against Drunk Driving (RADD) wanted to roll out a designated driving program in several cities across Southern California, beginning with Downtown L.A. The program would involve creating a rewards card that designated drivers would present at local establishments for items like free appetizers or non-alcoholic drinks. RADD's sponsors include state agencies like the OTS, CHP, ABC, Caltrans and the DMV, and local civic organizations.


Gasp named the program the "Designation Nation" and asked people to take the pledge to get their passengers home safely when they were behind the wheel. Gasp created a logo for the program and a distinctive upside-down glass icon, signifying "no more to drink" in bar language. One main illustration and a set of background images were commissioned for each city. Gasp also created a map of the participating restaurants, brochures, and a website.


RADD received voluntary participation in the Designation Nation rewards program from more than forty restaurants and bars in Downtown L.A.

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Erin Meluso, (RADD), client
Harry Webber, copywriting
Angela Glenn, art direction
Angela Glenn, Michelle Brady, design
Ivan Song, Michelle Brady, web development
Angela Glenn, illustration