Long Beach Film Fest Internationale

Film. Food. Fashion. Back in 2007, downtown Long Beach was struggling. Retail stores and restaurants were closing, despite the boon in real estate and the influx of new residents. Convincing locals to support their own economy was a challenge.

Gasp teamed with Long Beach advocate Ryan Smolar to develop Long Beach's first annual film festival, an event designed to get attention and promote tourism. It was to exhibit the world's longest fashion catwalk smack in the middle of downtown Long Beach and entrants would be allowed to walk the runway wearing their own creations and be judged by renowned fashion critics.


Gasp's proposal for the event included an event poster and a mock-up of the runway experience.


The Gasp Company, LLC, Ryan Smolar (SmolarCorp), co-creators
Harry Webber, creative direction
Harry Webber, copywriting
Harry Webber, Angela Glenn, design
Michelle Brady, James Huang, production
Nadine Tull, project management